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October 12, 2011

Green Tomatoes

I did manage to keep my four tomato plants alive during the hot, drought-stricken summer. It was SO HOT – 110° and above – that they produced only half a dozen tiny tomatoes, smaller than cherry tomatoes. Of course I ate those as soon as they were ripe; they didn’t even make it into the house. I was so hungry for a good tomato!

I knew if I could keep the plants alive, they’d begin producing again in the fall.

Finally it cooled down and there were flowers on the plants and then I noticed little green tomatoes!

The plants are now covered in yellow flowers too.

Hopefully there will be enough time before the first frost for them to ripen, but if not, I’ll pick them and bring them inside to ripen in the warmth of the house. They aren’t quite as good as vine-ripened, but still better than cardboard-tasting tomatoes from the store.

1 comment:

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey there! :)
Well, praise the Lord for that. Our plants are about ready to give up... thank the Lord for the tomatoes coming for you, and I hope too that they have time to ripen. But you're right. The window-ripened tomatoes are so much better than hot house tomatoes you buy from the grocery.

the Lord bless.

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