November 16, 2011

The Three-Generation Quilt

For her birthday, our middle daughter's husband gave her a nice new sewing machine, the model above the one she was wanting. This one can machine quilt, so the Three-Generation Quilt is on its way back to her house to be quilted and finished.

The fabric for the backing is my mother's favorite turquoise color.

I'd bought batting for the center, but it would be silly to pay postage to mail that to her as well, so she'll buy some there. The next time she comes to visit, she can take this roll of batting back home with her to use on another project.

I was going to take it all to a sort-of local quilt shop, but nearly a year later I still haven't taken it there yet. I'm through procrastinating about it, so I packed it back up in the box and it is ready to take to the post office. Whew!


1 comment:

  1. That's beautiful and congratulations! Praise the Lord Jesus for His many provisions.

    Yours Carra


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