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May 30, 2012


One of the first things we built when we moved to Oak Hill Homestead almost eight years ago was the goat shed. Until it was finished, our 3 does - Hope, Dream, and Chloe - lived in a wire-fenced pen under an old homebuilt carport, spending their nights in the goat trailer. We could hear coyotes howl nearby at night, and we did not have an outside dog, so I'd close the girls in the trailer at night.

When my herd outgrew the shed, I began using that old homebuilt carport as a barn. Hubby closed in the sides with sheets of tin. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. Then one night the roof blew off in a storm. As a result, we had the goat barn built.

But the barn burned down this winter, and my replacement goat kids have been living in a temporary pen in our backyard. I'm planning to take this time to redo the fences around the big goat pen. Hubby has been working on tearing down the old shed so we can replace it.

Hubby built the shed well, but he has since learned that he should have used pressure-treated lumber all the way up the walls, instead of just for the sill that sits on the ground. Termites attacked the studs. Some of the shingles blew off in a storm, and a hole eventually developed in the roof.

The fun way to tear down a shed:

Now the clean-up begins...


2 comments: said...

The demo is fun until it's time to pick it all up. LOL

Kathi said...

You're absolutely right! And I'm already worried that there are snakes underneath the debris. ::shudder::

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