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June 15, 2012

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The peaches and yellow plums are ripe in earnest. Yum! Every time I go outside I pick a plum or a peach and munch away; between those and the tomatoes, it's super-easy to get my "5 a day".

I've now picked all the peaches. I raked up all the plums under the trees and gave them to the chickens, and will begin harvesting the plums for sweet & sour plum sauce. I've not make it with yellow plums before, just the red plums, but I think it will give us some variety in a sauce I use a lot.

-- We've had a steady supply of ripe tomatoes. I'm enjoying tomato sandwiches for lunch - toast, Miracle Whip and sliced ripe tomatoes; bacon is on my shopping list. (My BLTs are actually BT sandwiches anyway; lettuce doesn't like me.)

-- I was stung by a scorpion. Now I can't put on my shoes or get into bed unless I check first for scorpions. Can you say "obsessive"? (This is my second sting; the first was several years ago.)

-- My horse Dakota has pink skin around his eyes which sunburns easily. He wears a fly mask every day during the summer to protect his skin from the sun as well as flies. When I bought him, he was a bit head-shy; now he lowers his head so I can put the mask on, and he comes to me in the pasture in the evening so I can take it off. And yes, he's super-easy to bridle now too. The mask is fastened with velcro, and a couple of times I've had to go find it in the pasture because he's rubbed it off, but that's good. I know it will come off if he gets it caught on something.


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