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October 26, 2012

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I discovered blossoms on the big plum tree - in late October! The tree gave up its leaves about a month ago, as did so many trees in this year's continuing drought, but to find new leaves and flowers in October is just strange.

-- I'm so thankful that there is still green grass in the horses' pasture.

-- How to figure out your goat's due date the easy way: the goat pregnancy calculator.

-- Cold weather is arriving today, and frost is expected tonight and tomorrow night. I picked all the late green peppers, and took more cuttings from the tomato plants. I'm impressed with these pepper plants; they've produced really well. They did slow down during the hottest part of the summer but as soon as it cooled off a bit they took off again and produced this late crop. They are "Bell Red" sweet peppers and yes, they did produce red ones in early summer but I picked these green because of the weather.


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