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February 6, 2013

Homestead Income

With the current slow economy, many are trying to think of ways to boost their income. Are you in this group? Here's a list of possibilities that might spark some ideas.

- Give workshops on how to use medicinal herbs or make herbal beauty aids, gardening, bake homemade breads, cook with whole grains, cook with all natural ingredients, make natural household cleaning supplies, grow your own herbal tea, spin wool, knit, sew, leatherworking, woodworking
- Give music lessons
- Tutor students in math, foreign language, or other subjects. (There is a "French lab" in a college town near us.)

- If you have any of those skills listed above (knit, sew, leatherwork, make soap, etc.), you could also sell your own homemade products at summer festivals, farmers markets, and winter craft boutiques
- Decorate custom wedding cakes
- Make and sell concrete novelties such as bird baths and stepping stones

- Sell no-hormone beef, milk, eggs, chickens, rabbits, or wool from sheep or rabbits
- Board horses
- Give workshops on beekeeping, have a few of your own hives and sell organic honey

- Run a dog kennel
- Photograph pets
- Bathing and grooming dogs

- Grow, graft, and sell plants that grow well in your area
- Grow and sell herbs to specialty restaurants
- Strawberry, tomato or other u-pick
- Sell organic homemade, bagged compost. (My favorite idea ever was when zoos began selling composted "zoo doo" from the zoo animals!)
- Harvest and sell wild products such as blackberries, elderberries, etc.

Do you have any other ideas? How are you making extra income? I hope you'll share in the comments here, or on OHH's facebook page.


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