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May 23, 2013

An Addendum to Being Thankful

Thursdays are for thankful lists, even for people who write thankful lists everyday. I am thankful for so much today that a blog post can't even hold it all. 

I am thankful for my son who is helping people out in Moore,
for our friends whose lives were spared even though they lost nearly everything, 
for the help of other Oklahomans and even people a continent away who are donating to the recovery effort, 
for the funeral homes that are donating their services, 
for the police and firefighters and others who are working around the clock. 

I heard that today they are reaching areas where help has not yet been, and that horses there are in desperate need of medical attention, feed and water. 

And please don't forget the folks affected by Sunday's tornadoes in Shawnee and Carney, OK. They've been eclipsed by the big one in Moore and feel forgotten.


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