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June 3, 2014

A Slice of My Life

Narrow-leaved plantain in bloom

Narrow-leafed plantain in bloom.


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Ida said...

This is lovely. What's funny is that along with being allergic to dogs & cats I was also told that I'm allergic to Plantain and that it's a weed. I've never seen one so I had no idea what it looked like until now.

Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead said...

This plant is about a foot tall when it's in flower, otherwise it's rarely higher than the grass in the lawn. It's easiest to identify when it's in flower or has a seed stalk. The broad-leaved variety has a longer area of seeds on the stalk - the stalks are shorter, but the seed part is longer, if that makes sense. I hope your allergies don't make you miserable, Ida!

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