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December 12, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

This week I made a gardening discovery. I've never tried to grow a winter garden; it gets too cold here. This year I tried a fall garden but nothing sprouted, and secretly I was kind of glad because I was ready for a break.

We had a sunny, semi-warm day this week, so I spent it cleaning up the garden. I pulled the dead plants that still remained, pulled up the stakes I'd used to tie up the peppers, and coiled up the hose. The Bermuda grass had grown so tall in the late summer and fall that it really needs to be mowed down before I cover it with spoiled hay for the winter. Then I spotted an onion plant in the grass! You might remember that the grasshoppers had eaten the tops of my onions and I had to leave many of them because I couldn't find them to harvest them. Now that the weather is cooler, and they've been protected by the thick Bermuda grass, they have begun to grow again. I pulled a dozen small onion plants, too small to use except as green onions, and replanted them in a tub near the herb garden and covered them with hay.

I also found one little spinach plant growing where I planted the fall garden. I left that one for now. I might try transplanting it as well.

On the next warm-ish day I'll cover the garden with a thick layer of used bedding from the goat shed mixed with aged horse manure, and maybe top that with the spoiled hay. Next year I'm planning to use the deep mulch method of gardening to hopefully keep the weeds down, and to keep my garden soil moist and cool in our too-hot summer.

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  1. the SAME thing happened to my onions! too funny! I mulched mine and just left them in the ground. I imagine I'll just pull them up whenever I happen to need one!

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead12:29 PM

    How funny, Rose! Picking them as you need them is the best way. (I'm afraid I'd never find them if I did that.)


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