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February 13, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week Hubby and I have been working on the new shed, and I'll have a post about that when it's finished. The nice weather we've been having made it very pleasant to work outside. Twice Rosie took off with the bag of screws in her mouth, making me laugh.

-- My goat kids are due in mid-March, and I hope the shed will be finished by then. This week I began the routine I used to use when we had the big goat barn - snapping each doe's collar to the fence and then putting each on the milkstand to eat and eventually to be milked. Ziva is used to being milked, but the others weren't milked last year because I wasn't set up for it yet.

-- One morning my last free-range hen was missing, leaving the two old roosters. She hadn't appeared by the time I finished my morning chores, so I resigned myself to being hen-less. When I went outside that afternoon she was in the company of the red rooster and all was right in his world.

-- This week I posted the second part of my series on making goat milk soap: how to make cold-process soap, and also Growing Broccoli Sprouts. The sprouting project really gave me confidence in my ability to start this year's vegetable seedlings. I'm looking forward to a good garden this year as long as the weather cooperates and the grasshoppers aren't bad. I've been working on some grasshopper-busting strategies though.

-- What I found: this post about Using Herbs to Maintain a Healthy Goat Herd, from GNOWFGLINS. It's a great overview of herbs to use with goats, and resources for more information.


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  1. Kathi, I can't wait for your comments on dealing with grasshoppers! My sworn enemies are grasshoppers, tank bugs (rolly-pollies), squash bugs and ants. The tank bugs do the number on my strawberries.

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead7:57 AM

    Kris, grasshoppers are my sworn enemy too. I lost much of my garden to them last summer. I'm planning protection for my plants instead of fighting the 'hoppers after they arrive. I sure hope it works, and I'll be writing about it!


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