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March 6, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We've had it all this week: rain, sleet, and snow. We needed the moisture but it does make life more difficult. The forecast for next week looks wonderful though, as though spring has arrived, with highs in the 60's and lots of sunshine.

Samson in his younger days

-- My ancient rooster Samson died this week. I knew he was on borrowed time, the poor guy could hardly stand upright. The younger rooster was quite mean to him, and Samson had become a loner, wandering around the front yard, sleeping with our dog Cracker at night, and snacking on fallen seeds under the bird feeder. He'd decided he was my pet; he followed me around and enjoyed being held and carried. I'm going to miss the old guy.

-- I'm still limping along with my laptop; it doesn't hook up to the wifi and still won't recognize my SD card. Hubby's coworker is going to work on it again this weekend.

-- This week's posts were a repost of No-Sew Kid Coats and part five of my series on making soap with goat milk: Random Thoughts and a Recipe.

-- What I found: one of our daughters suffers from migraines - so did I years ago. I found many articles such as this one on using cayenne to relieve headaches. I'm filing this information away in my brain for the next time I have a persistent headache. We both use peppermint essential oil for headaches, but sometimes the headache is bigger than the peppermint eo.


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  1. Interesting migraine article, thanks!


  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead2:18 PM

    I thought so too, Fern. I hope it helps someone.

  3. Sorry to hear about Samson. I had to harvest 2 Barred Rock roos because they were so vicious to me (not totally their fault-they were given to me & I know it's unusual for that breed). I now have a Speckled Sussex boy but he's not very affectionate. Would love to have a cuddly roo but I just have to make do with a couple of the girls.
    Jan in NWGA

  4. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead8:39 PM

    I've never had an affectionate chicken before, so it was a new experience for me. He was a nice guy, but I've had some hasty roosters too. I figure a non-aggressive roo is a good roo, like your speckled Sussex, Jan.


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