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March 13, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I'm waiting for this:

All of my does are ready to kid. This one in particular, Firefly, is as ready as she can be without actually being in labor. She has a nice udder, her tail ligaments are super-mushy, and the babies have dropped so low that her flanks are hollow and from the back she doesn't even look pregnant anymore. It shouldn't be long now.

-- I took that photo of Firefly on one of my trips outside to check on the pregnant does. Rosie is in her pen inside the goat pen unless I'm outside to keep an eye on her. At six months old, she's still too young to be allowed loose in their pen unsupervised with goat kids due; I don't trust her that much. She was hoping I'd let her out to play, but this was just a quick check.

-- The red plum tree started blooming yesterday. You might remember that I was worried that it might not, since we had an ice storm on the day the leaf buds were forming. Evidently it was early enough that the flowers were untouched by frost. The yellow plum tree looks like it will blossom prolifically, so I'm hoping for a good harvest this summer.

-- This week's post was Notes from a Seminar: Controlling Parasites in Goats.

-- What I found: How to Wax Cheese from The Homesteading Hippy --
and perhaps for an Easter breakfast, this delicious-looking recipe for Lemon Braided Bread
from King Arthur Flour's website.

Have a great week!


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