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March 20, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- After several days of rain we finally had a warm and sunny day on Sunday. The goats spent most of it sunbathing, while the horses kicked up their heels and chased each other up and down the hill several times. We could hear their thundering hooves from inside the house, and I opened the window to watch them circle the round bale, rear and buck, race down the hill to the barn, and do it all over again.

-- I'm loving the longer evenings. I can do the evening chores after dinner instead of before hubby gets home. I'd be happy if we went on Daylight Savings Time and stayed there, not changing back in the fall.

 -- Monday as I did the morning chores I watched V after V of wild geese cross the sky from the south to the north, honking their progress. The pigs splashed me with "mystery mud" as I tried to get their bowls out of the deep mud without going in their pen. I found Little Red Hen's nest in the goat shed with 3 brown eggs in it. I saw a pair of robins in town.

-- And then the goats kidded over the space of four days. Goat kids are now hopping and bouncing all over the place. This alone has kept me busy. I'm still a bit sleep-deprived from checking on expectant moms in the night.

-- In spite of my best intentions, I haven't yet started any seeds. All of the herbs I brought in for the winter have survived; of the two places I have them, the kitchen windowsill is definitely the better location, but the others are doing ok. I tend to forget to water those though. I checked the herb garden outside yesterday - a collection of containers in a sunny location - and discovered that the catnip is coming back. The mullein plant I transplanted looks as though it will "take" in its new location. I put several of the broccoli sprouts in a pot; they are doing well in spite of the rain and ice storms and the cold weather we've had. The rest of the containers are ready for new life.

-- This week's posts were: Plum Blossoms and Subtle Signs of Kidding.

What's new in your neck of the woods? Has spring sprung yet?


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