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March 27, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

 -- With all the rain we've had the grass is really growing and turning green. I let the "girls" out to nose around in the front yard the other morning while I got the milking area ready and the feed dished up. They enjoyed a few bites of green stuff.

-- Yes, Firefly looks pretty thin in that picture. She was so huge before kidding and now she's hollowed out. She's getting extra grain and alfalfa pellets on the milkstand to help her regain her girlish figure. She tends to be thin while she's milking though, she "puts her feed in the milk pail".

-- Remember that blue plum tree that has never bloomed nor produced fruit? Guess what happened this week: it's blooming! I'm so hoping that this eight-year-old tree might finally have some plums on it. It didn't bloom as abundantly as the other two varieties, but it has a decent number of flowers, more than when I took this picture two days ago.

-- The goats' pen has a low spot right in front of the gate, and it was really soupy-muddy after all of our rain lately. In fact it was so deep that I made a set of six stepping stones using two bricks each, so that I could get across the puddle lake without getting wet. The goats have learned how to use the stepping stones too! They were upset that they couldn't get close to the gate because of the mud; now they stand on the bricks.

-- We had hail, heavy rain, high winds, and thunder and lightning on Wednesday night but the tornadoes stayed away. We're thankful for that, and are praying for those who were affected.

-- This week's posts were Spring and Goat Kids - The Boys. On Monday I'll introduce you to the girls.

 Have a great week!


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