March 31, 2015

Powerful Plants - a Book Review

Talking seed packs? Books that come to life on your smartphone or tablet? Is this science fiction? No, it's Powerful Plants books and seeds!

Powerful Plants Edutains Children

I was asked to review the first book, The Carrot-Napping, in the Powerful Plants series of books. I received the book and several packets of organic, non-GMO seeds especially packaged for children. As you know, I'm all about non-GMO and organic plants so I was happy to review the book and share my opinion with you.


Using "edutainment" - a combination of entertainment and education - Powerful Plants' first book The Carrot-Napping teaches children about gardening and the powerful properties of plants. The characters in the book, including Daucus Carrot, Elder Berry, and Jack in the Pulpit among others, introduce readers to the powerful properties of plants in our world - and warn them about the dangers of some plants as well. Not all plants are for eating!

But this isn't just another book. By downloading the free app to a smartphone or tablet, an interactive world of plants opens to your child. Just aim the device's camera at the page to bring the characters to life. Readers are asked three questions about what they've read on the page, then watch as the characters "come to life".

Non-GMO, Organic Seeds

Powerful Plants also offers a large assortment of organic seed varieties for children to plant and grow. Children who are involved in growing food are more likely to eat that food and appreciate gardening as a healthy and enjoyable pastime. As a grandmother I am dedicated to teaching children self-sufficient and healthy skills.

Look at all of the wonderful non-gmo seed packs available through Powerful Plants!

The seed packets are illustrated in the same manner as the book, and aiming a smartphone or tablet at the seed packet will trigger a video of planting instructions.


While the book and seeds are entertaining enough on their own, children also have the opportunity to create a music video, design a Powerful Plant character of their own, take part in a carrot growing contest, and enter to win a grand prize trip to Old School Farms.

Where Can You Find Powerful Plants?

The Carrot-Napping book includes a packet of carrot seeds, and is available online from Powerful Plants along with an assortment of other seed varieties. A discount for teachers is also available.

The app for iPhones is free at the App Store, and the Android version is free at Google Play.

DisclaimerPowerful Plants sent me a book and several seed packets in exchange for a review. The opinions in any review posts are my own, and I will only review and/or give away items that I feel are of value and interest to my readers.

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  1. This is awesome! What if you don't have a smart device, is the book interesting without it?

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead10:50 AM

    Christina, the book has a two-page spread about many different plants including the carrot - elderberry, poison ivy, jack in the pulpit and others including several trees. The story itself though is told through the app on a smart device; the book is really produced to be used in tandem with the app. Great question!

  3. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  4. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead3:41 PM

    You're welcome, Christina.


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