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April 17, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I found baby plums on the tree that has never ever produced a plum. I'm looking forward to some blue plums this summer! Hubby tilled the garden and I've planted seeds in the herb garden. I also planted nine seed pods from the redbud trees, after soaking them for several days.

-- For the very first time, there were two Canada geese on the pond one morning. We've had plenty of wild ducks in the past, but never geese. Another morning I watched two fly low across the horse pasture; I wonder if they were the same pair.

-- We've had a lot of rain this week. We need it and every drop is welcome. The pond is filling up, everything is green and beautiful, but it is very difficult to milk goats in the rain without a roof over their heads. Goats think they'll melt if they get wet. No, this has not been fun.

-- This week's posts were I Hate Mowing the Yard and A Visit to White Star Farm, part one of my new series of homestead interviews.

-- What I found: Regrow Your Vegetable Scraps - a list of vegetables you can regrow from scraps.


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  1. We too have been enjoying our spring, after a wetter, colder winter than usual for Arkansas. Birds morning songs as an alarm are far more pleasant. Both green beans and English peas and spinach have broken ground. Our happy find this year, blue berry bushes are in full bloom, and the lemon trees, made it through the winter (greenhouse plants) and are in full bloom.

    1. Citrus blossoms smell so sweet; you are blessed!

    2. Citrus blossoms smell so sweet; you are blessed!


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