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June 8, 2015

Clearing Brush with Goat Power

Our old goat pasture has been unused since the barn fire three years ago. It's a long, narrow space, still fenced along the back, and with one end fenced on three sides and the other on two sides. The center portion of fencing in the front was torn down and left unfenced so the horses could graze in there when they wished.

The weeds and clover are very tall this year because of the overabundance of rain. The weeds have choked out the grass, so the horses aren't very interested.

Our chicken coop sits in this three-sided end of the little pasture. The wire on the chicken run needs to be completely replaced. My last hen and rooster abandoned the coop last summer when they found an escape hole, and the coop itself is now inhabited by the Muscovy ducks. Now that the rain has stopped, I need to get the run re-fenced so the ducks can go outdoors, but it is surrounded by weeds that I don't want to stand in. I prefer to avoid ticks and possible snakes. I'm just funny that way.

Solution: let the goats eat down the weeds. I ran a temporary fence across the open end and moved the does one day after milking. There isn't a shed, and the only shade is under a large oak tree and on the north side of the chicken coop, so they can't be out there on rainy days or overnight, but they can spend sunny days out there munching.

I thought I'd open the gate to the chicken run and let them in there too. The weeds are as much as four feet high, the height of the top of the run, and it looks like a jungle. But then I realized that there are several volunteer tomato plants in there.

Volunteer tomato plant on the right.

I transplanted the volunteers to the garden over the weekend, and this morning the goats will get to eat the remaining huge weeds in the run. It's a salad of their favorites, so they'll be happy.

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  1. Hmm.I'm seeing a pattern here. Each entry I click on at Tuesday With a Twist belongs to you! Anyway, I could sure use some goats around here.

  2. Hi :) Visiting from the Maple Hill blog hop. I sure wish I had a couple of goats, I would love to turn them loose on the back of my property. It's a jungle! Have a great week.

  3. Hi Cranberry Morning - and thank you for clicking on both posts that were shared at Tuesdays with a Twist. :-)

  4. Hello April. Goats are great at clearing brush, but they do need excellent fencing to keep them in the spot you want cleared! Thank you for visiting.

  5. That's quite the salad bar! Glad you spied and saved the tomato plants before they got eaten!
    It's always great to see you on Tuesday's Maple Hill Hop!

  6. Thank you, Daisy. I was amazed at how many tomato plants there were in there!

  7. I love coming over and reading your fun posts Kathi and seeing your cute critters!

  8. Thank you, Kelly, I'm so glad you're here!

  9. Don't you love when they earn their keep :)

  10. I am so looking forward to getting goats. We have some areas on our land that need cleaning out and my husband and I keep saying we'll let a goat take care of that :)

  11. I do, Sandra! Working for me PLUS free feed for them = win win! ::wink::

  12. Rose, you're so right! I have many friends who live on beautiful acreage because they have or had goats. The goats have cleared the land of brush and weeds, and what's left is as pretty as a park.

  13. You just gave me one more reason to get goats! yeay!

    Thanks again for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday. I hope you'll join us this week also!


  14. Oh Lisa, goats are *wonderful* at clearing brush!


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