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June 19, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

It rained several times this week, from sprinkles to the downpour from the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill. After two weeks of hot sun, I'm not complaining, it was time for some rain. Rain waters the grass and the garden and even fills up the water troughs if it comes from the right direction. However it does make it difficult to work in the muddy garden, it increases the mosquito population, and my goats are absolutely livid - they hate rain. But I'm hoping for a really good hay crop this year.

I'm continuing my spring cleaning, and I'm still hoping I can finish before our family members arrive. I've done some room rearranging that was quite a project in itself.

Hubby cut the blackberry canes back and pulled the mower out - the thorny plants had threatened to overtake the farm machinery. (With all that rain, it looks like we live in a jungle this summer!) The tires were flat, so he's replaced those.

Our plum trees are so heavy with fruit that the branches are drooping all the way down to the ground. I remember that my father used to prop up the branches with 2x4s or forked sticks to keep them from breaking; I'm on the lookout for props to use.

-- This week's posts were The Lately-Planted Garden and A Bottle and Jar Obsession.

-- Friday Find - what I found this week:

An especially good article on fly masks for horses - why, how to measure for proper fit, and more.

Have a blessed week!


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  1. It is also raining here in Australia, which we desperately need! Sounds like you have a lovely garden, it is so nice to grow your own fruit.

  2. Thank you. I know you need the rain in Australia too - hopefully it'll spread itself out for you and do the most good possible.


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