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July 10, 2015

Friday Follow-up

This week:

Sadly, the lone Muscovy duckling died this week at four weeks old. I'm not sure why, she was healthy and happy the night before. She sure wiggled her way into my heart and I was very saddened at the loss.

We killed another big black snake in the duck house later in the week; it was sleeping off its meal of several duck eggs. Hubby made quick work of it. Afterwards he held it up by the tail; it was as long as he is tall. The only way they seem to be able to get in the coop is through the open space under the roof; we left a 2" space at the top of the walls for ventilation. We are guessing that they fall out of the oak tree that overhangs the coop, onto the roof, and then go through the space to get inside.

Because of that, we've decided to move the ducks to a small coop in the front yard that hubby put up for them this week. It's not large but it does have outside space, and we're fairly sure that it will be more secure against snakes. As for the old coop, we might fence the fourth side of the old goat pen and move the does there for awhile, with the chicken coop as shelter (it's a full-size shed).

We had almost five inches of rain this week. Half of the horse barn's floor is sloppy-muddy and waterlogged; the dry ground is severely limited and the horses are probably too cramped to be happy, but at least they have some dry ground. I opened the gate to the corral so that they can use the run-in shed if they wish; it has a hole in the roof but is mostly dry inside. With all this standing water, mosquitoes are a real nuisance this summer.

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My Friday Find:

-- This great site Eat the Weeds (and other things too).


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  1. Rotten luck on both the duckling and the snake. Certainly it's always heartbreaking when a fox gets into a henhouse and runs amok. Hope that you get a break with the rain soon!

  2. Thank you, Stephen. I'm sure that when we do get a break from the rain we'll all be wishing it back again. Human nature is so contrary!


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