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July 17, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

I've been canning like there's no tomorrow. Jars of sweet and sour plum sauce, plum jam, whole plums and plum BBQ sauce are in the cupboards; roasted tomato soup, tomato sauce and yellow tomato jam are still on my to-do list. Hubby had to make a trip out to the shed to bring in more jars for me. They are quite dusty, so they go into a sink full of soapy water to soak for awhile, then after a scrubbing they go right in the dishwasher - it takes two cycles before I feel they are clean enough to use.

A friend offered to trade peaches for some of our plums - I jumped on that! (Thank you, Robin.) Jars of sliced peaches and peach jam are resting on the kitchen counter. We've eaten lots of them fresh too. "Porter peaches" are well-known in Oklahoma; they are delicious.

Thank you all for your suggestions of ways to preserve the plums. They all sound good!

This week's posts were Plum Overrun With Plums and Pinkeye in Goats.

My Friday Find:

I buy canning lids in bulk from Lehman's, so I thought I'd share this resource with you. They're out of stock right now but keep checking back; they'll be back in stock soon. Don't overlook storing up lids for your jars!


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  1. Yum! Sounds delicious. We don't have any plum trees growing and the peach trees are too young yet. Our apple trees are loaded this season. I've thinned them 3 times! I enjoy reading your Friday posts. Thanks!

  2. Sally, that promise of apples is such a blessing! What will you do with all of them?


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