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July 31, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

Mama Duck, my black-and-white Muscovy, has laid another clutch of eggs and has gone broody. I can't believe she's decided to do this during the hottest part of the summer and I worry about her; the waterer doesn't need to be filled as often so I know she isn't drinking as much as usual. Since she and the male are in a new location, it isn't as easy to count how many eggs she has in the nest this time. I hope she's more successful than last time, but I can guarantee her eggs are safe from snakes this time!

The farrier came out and trimmed the horses' hooves. He arrived at daybreak and we were finished by the time it got hot.

Hubby and I picked up the first two loads of our winter hay. Once again we started early in the day, and were finished in the field by 9:30 AM. I spent each morning this week unloading bales from the trailer and storing them safely out of the weather.

Each day I worked until I got too hot. The first two rows are easy; after that I use a few bales to make steps to help get the bales up on to the higher levels.

The bales are set on pallets so that they don't touch the ground. I'm careful to not stack bales too close to the open side of this three-sided shed so that rain and snow won't damage the bales.

My dog Pete came with me to keep me company. He enjoyed this out-of-the-ordinary task, but he wasn't much help.

This week's posts were:


My Friday Find:

These Apple Pie Granola Bars sound scrumptious - I'm on a granola kick right now, can you tell? This recipe uses both brown sugar and honey, plus a bit of corn syrup. I skipped the corn syrup, and I'd like to try using applesauce instead of some of the sweetener; the recipe says you can add more sweetener if it isn't sweet enough, but I'll use less than it calls for next time. They are very good and the house smelled delicious as they were baking.


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  1. I-love-Pete! He's so beautiful and intelligent-looking. I enjoy his beautiful face in your header picture.
    Haying is hard work!

  2. It's such a good feeling to know you have hay for the winter months isn't it? Hard work now but so worth it (once you've done anyway)

  3. Mary, thank you. I think Pete is a very handsome boy. He's a big help most of the time, and my devoted bodyguard.

  4. Mommar6, yes! It's a lot of hot, hard work but such a feeling of security and satisfaction when we finish. Thank you for commenting.

  5. As smart as English Shepherds are I wouldn't be shocked if he did help.

  6. He didn't sling any hay bales but he did keep me safe while I was out there. He investigated every inch of that corral and shed, and didn't allow any critters to invade and attack. (Not that it was likely any would, but Pete is my self-proclaimed bodyguard and he takes his job very seriously.)


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