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September 4, 2015

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

I found our only hen's nesting spot with 14 eggs. Last time I found her nest, I took all but two of the eggs and she had a fit and flogged our dog, evidently blaming him for the robbery. I doubt she can count, but she knows the difference between two and a bunch. This time I took only the cleanest 6 of the 14 eggs, hoping they were the most recent. It seems to have worked; she's still laying her daily egg there. I've marked the old ones with a Sharpie.

So far none of the duck eggs have hatched. I sneaked a peek one day while Mama Duck was off the nest getting a drink. Three of the eggs have turned translucent and I can see a black and yellow shape in each one. I am hoping they will hatch and survive. By my calculations they are due to hatch sometime this week.

We brought home another big trailer-load of hay and I spent each morning this week moving bales from trailer to storage. My friend puts up awesome hay; it smells so good. I feel good about winter now that the shed is stuffed full of hay.

This week's posts were:

My Friday Find:

September is National Preparedness Month. A group of Prepared Bloggers are posting 30 days of preparedness posts. This is the link to one post, The 5 Best Crops for Self-Sufficient Gardeners, but you can find links to the rest at the bottom. It looks like an excellent series.


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