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December 15, 2015

A Slice of My Life

I love the light in winter. At a certain time in the late afternoon, the low winter sun lights up the outline of the horses. I especially love what that light does to my sorrel mare, Ella; her bright copper-penny coloring with the golden sunlight is particularly striking.

I call the three horses in for their evening feeding with a cowbell. [I wonder what the neighbors think?] They come from the far reaches of the hayfield; Ella is always first, and this guy, July, always ambles in last. On this afternoon the sun was in the perfect position to produce that "rim light" that I love. Too bad that all I had with me was my cell phone and not my DSLR.

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  1. They are amazing and wonderous creatures.

  2. They are. Thank you, Daisy.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures! I should take my camera out at feeding time. You're right, the light then is just lovely.

  4. Yes, Jamie, the light is so beautiful on winter afternoons. I hope you're able to capture some gorgeous pictures.

  5. I've gotten a couple of pictures of my kids in the "rim light." It really is beautiful light to capture, and even with your phone camera your pictures are lovely!

  6. Oh Jennifer, children in this light would be so beautiful! They must be gorgeous photos.

  7. Your phone did a great job capturing that wonderful light on the lovely animals!

  8. Thank you, Betty.

  9. What gorgeous photographs, Kathi! My son is professional photographer and he calls that late afternoon light "golden hour" :-) It certainly has made your horse's coat gorgeously gold! Thank you so much for sharing this slice of your life with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  10. Thank you, April. Yes, "the golden hour." It can do some pretty amazing things.


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