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December 23, 2015

Homestead Photos

Life is busy on the homestead over the holidays
so I'm giving myself some grace this week.
I hope you enjoy this photographic glimpse into my world.

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  1. We are blessed with beauty all around, aren't we, Kathi? Thanks for the pictures, I always enjoy them.


  2. Yes, Fern, we are surrounded by beauty here. I always enjoy photos of other homesteads, including yours. :-)

  3. Lovely pictures! My favorite is the one with the four cats under the pine tree - it looks like the same cat in four different poses! Have a merry and blessed Christmas, Kathi!

  4. Thank you, Vickie. They are four different cats, littermates and all males. Their names are One, Two, Three and Four because I can't tell them apart anyway. Wishing you a blessed Christmas too!

  5. Isn't farm life a marvel!

  6. It is, Fiona. Wherever you live, a quiet simple life is a marvelous thing.

  7. I love the one of the cats in the straw - they must think they're perfectly camouflaged!

  8. Thank you, Stephen. I think you're right!

  9. These photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  10. Thanks, Jennifer, and thank you for hosting a great hop each week.


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