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January 22, 2016

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

I wrote on Monday about our first egg from our pullets. Since then there have been four more eggs, slightly bigger than the first. So far the egg-laying bird hasn't figured out what nest boxes are for; I've found these eggs in all four corners of the coop. Hopefully she'll soon decide that the nest box is the right place to lay her eggs.

Years ago in Michigan when our first flock of young hens laid their first egg, I blew out the egg so that I could keep the shell. About ten years ago when our Granddaughter's americauna hen laid her first green egg, I blew out that egg and kept it so that Granddaughter could see it when she came to visit in the summer. Believe it or not, I still have both of those eggs. I'm going to blow out this first egg too, and have a little "nest" in a basket with the three egg shells: one white, one green, one brown.

One morning this week as I walked down the hill with the horses to open the hayfield gate, we came face to face with a coyote drinking at the pond. I haven't seen any that close to the house in a couple of years. They've been very noisy lately too. Cracker and Rosie bark all night long, warning the coyotes not to come near.

It's been a cold January and I'm ready for some warmer weather so I can work on the garden expansion. I guess spring will get here soon enough, but I'd like the new beds to "cook" a bit before it's time to plant.

This week's post:

We're So Egg-cited!

My Friday Find:

The Back to Basics Living Bundle sale will end this Sunday, January 24th at midnight EST. If you've been debating about purchasing the bundle, don't put off your decision too long. On Monday the opportunity will be gone forever. The materials in the bundle will still be available on an individual basis, but it would cost over $500 to purchase them all.

I'd never purchased a bundle before, and although I've had many chances to be an affiliate for other bundles and promote their sale, this is the first one that impressed me enough to promote. I bought the bundle myself so that I could preview it before it was available to you; it greatly surpassed my expectations.

The Back to Basics Living Bundle is a huge collection of resources that covers so many different areas of "simple living." There are materials in nine categories: Cooking from Scratch, DIY, Frugal Living, Green Living, Simple Living, Homesteading, Homeschooling, Preparedness, and Natural Remedies.

Want to learn how to sell at farmers markets? There's an ebook about that. Want to learn to pickle foods? There's an ebook for that. Do you want to learn how to cook with a Sun Oven? There's a video course for that. Want to see the whole list of what's included? Here's the author list.

But remember that the bundle goes away on Sunday at midnight. Click here to learn more. (Affiliate links*)

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