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February 12, 2016

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

Has spring arrived already? It sure seems like winter is over. We hit 71° one day this week. It's been very windy and our fire danger is high. I scan the horizon several times a day for smoke. There is just one day of possible rain showers in the forecast, and our night-time temperatures are just above freezing. I've unplugged the tank heater and removed it from the water trough.

We usually have one winter week when the temperature dips near zero - usually the first week of February - but that week has come and gone. Even though it's still mid-February and it's still winter according to the calendar, folks are saying spring is here. I wonder what summer will be like?

This week's posts were:


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  1. I'll trade places with you, Kathi! There is no question, here in the Chicago area, of whether it's Spring. It's just NOT. Anything above the teens feels like a warm front has moved in. I'm SO ready for Spring! On the other hand, the fire risk doesn't exactly sound like a mental walk in the park, either.

    Stay safe, my virtual friend, & Good bless you & yours!

  2. Carla, I will let you keep your snow and cold! LOL! I spent many a year in that area and don't miss it. I wouldn't be complaining about our warm winter except that it means we'll be overrun with ticks and fleas this summer, and I'm worried about excessive heat and more drought if this continues. But God knows what He's doing - in both of our lives, right?

    And yes, the high fire danger is no walk in the park. Scary stuff.


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