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March 25, 2016

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

The 14 pullets in the chicken coop set a new egg record this week: a dozen eggs in one day. See that nearly-white egg? I have no idea who's laying those. All of my hens are brown egg layers. This is a very pale cream, not quite white.

One of the hens is laying double-yolked eggs. Not every day, but quite often. The large egg in the bottom of this photo had two yolks.

The redbuds are blooming and our landscape is turning green. Trees are growing leaves, the grass is coming up, and it's time to cut the grass. Here's why I hate mowing the yard.

It's been so windy this week. We've had extreme fire danger for most of it, and I'm thankful every day for clear horizons, in other words, no smoke that would signal a wildfire. After the frosts we had last weekend, it's warmed up and the horses have been napping in the barn in the afternoons to escape flies. Flies. Already.

A very ragged-looking luna moth clung to the front door frame for two days. When they look like that, they've been around for awhile.

We had a pair of Canada geese grazing in the horses' pasture one evening, but they were upset when I fed the horses and flew off. The next morning they were swimming on the pond along with half a dozen wild ducks, and were again bothered by my activity and left. The ducks have been here all week and have brought a few friends as well, and the pair of geese was back last evening.

Sadly, the reason I'm seeing wildlife - the Canada geese, wild ducks, a big tom turkey on the road in front of the house, and a couple of rabbits - is because our dog Cracker has been gone for almost a month. He never would have allowed large birds and other critters to hang around.

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My Friday Find:

Here's an interesting way to raise some of your own chicken feed: Black Soldier Flies from Bloom Where You're Planted.


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  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Kathi: My Sussex girls lay nearly white medium eggs and if I remember correctly, you have at least one. Bet that's her! A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family. Jan in NWGA

    1. You have an excellent memory, Jan. I have two speckled Sussex girls. Thank you for solving my mystery.


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