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April 1, 2016

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

The wild ducks and Canada geese have moved on to greener pastures and larger ponds -- maybe. The ducks are gone, but the geese hung around for a couple of days, disappeared for a few more, and then were back again. Yesterday they were gone. I'm both disappointed and glad. I was looking forward to watching goslings grow up in my pasture, but worried that the geese might become so territorial that it could make feeding and riding my horses difficult.

While walking the pasture fenceline this week I found a surprise. Two years ago we bought fly masks for each of the horses at the beginning of summer. By the end of the second day, one of the geldings had lost his. I never saw it again... until this week. It was lying in the field in very sad condition; two years of rain and summer sun took their toll. I think the trim was black when it was new. I'll wash it and see if it can be reshaped, but we replaced it long ago so it might just go in the trash.

The buff orpington hen has recovered so well that I can hardly tell her apart from her sisters now. She tried to fly up on my back one morning. I'm so glad she's healthy and happy again, but I have to admit that she's become quite spoiled.

We had storms this week; lightning took out our electric for several hours. I'm hoping the Muscovy eggs weren't chilled beyond recovery, but only time will tell. I put towels over the incubator to help hold in the heat, but I didn't realize right away that it wasn't running. I'll keep the incubator running, and we will see what happens.

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Have a wonderful week, friends!


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