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April 15, 2016

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

Green Oklahoma's Best of 2016 voting

Oak Hill Homestead has been nominated as a finalist for the fourth annual Green Oklahoma's Best of 2016. There are eight categories including Green Blog. Voting is now open and will remain open until April 21st at midnight Central time. I hope you'll go vote!

Our power went out - again - for a couple of hours. I wrapped up the incubator in several layers of fleece blankets and hope the duck eggs inside stayed warm enough. Now that it's happened twice I'm afraid these poor eggs are doomed, but I'll keep it going till the end, just in case.

We usually have pancakes for breakfast on a weekend morning, but this week we were out of milk. (I know, we have dairy goats. Well, with hubby's health situation he asked me not to breed them this year so we'd have more flexibility. I'm really missing having baby goats right now but it was the right decision.) I have dry milk stored, so I thought I'd try using it in my Fluffy Pancakes. I made a cup of milk and added the vinegar. It separated and the whey looked clear and watery, but I whisked it a bit before adding the butter and egg. Yes, you can sour dry milk with vinegar. The pancakes were as good as always.

This week's posts were:

Today's brown eggs

Homestead Eggs


A classic dish with a twist

Cubed Steak Parmigiana

Have a great weekend!


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