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August 8, 2017

A Slice of My Life

Dragon Rock

Shortly after moving to Oak Hill we discovered this rock outcropping in the pasture.
From this angle it reminds me of a dragon head or perhaps an aquatic monster in a sea of grass waving in the wind. We lovingly call it Dragon Rock.


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je crois (I believe) said...

I believe (je crois) that nature calls to us. It is God's conduit to communicate delicately for those who take the time to look and listen. Sometimes there is profound meaning in the symbols of nature.......and then other times, it simply grabs our attention as is the case here with this rock. The purpose may be to make us smile for a moment and an additional purpose may be to remind us to continue to look at nature for further symbols and messages.

Kathi said...

It does make me smile. :-)

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