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January 17, 2018

Getting Back to Basics

Is "getting back to the basics" one of your goals for the new year? Do you want to learn how to cook from scratch, store food, heal naturally, live frugally, and be more self-reliant? 

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I'm really excited to be a part of the Back to Basics Living Bundle event this year (to learn why, check out that book cover image right below this paragraph!) which is all about helping you get back to the basics. In case you're not familiar with them, a "bundle" is a collection of e-books, courses, videos and bonuses from various authors that focus on a theme, all "bundled" together. In this case, the theme is learning old-fashioned skills and living a self-sufficient life.

And for the very first time, this bundle includes my own 12-page e-book! Make Your Own Vinegar for Pennies teaches you step by step how to turn fruit - even bruised and slightly-past-its-prime fruit - into vinegar that you can use in salad dressings, homemade cleaners and in your personal care products.

As part of the Back to Basics Living event, you can join the FREE five-day Back to Basics Challenge! All are welcome to join in, whether you’re a seasoned homesteader living off-grid, have a little land, live in the suburbs or live in the city.

If you’re feeling the weight of technology, debt, the broken medical system or our uncertain food supply, then this challenge is for you! It's designed to help you take stock of what you have and determine what you need to keep, what you need to get rid of and what you need to change. You can learn more about the challenge and sign up here.

This year's bundle contains 59 e-books, courses and videos from 53 authors. This collection of materials is sold for a limited time - just one week - at a greatly-reduced price. In this case, 92% off what it would cost to buy everything separately. The bundle goes on sale today, January 17th for one week only, until midnight on January 23rd.

The topics covered by this year's bundle include:
  • Cooking
  • DIY
  • Food storage
  • Frugal living
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading
  • Natural living
  • Natural parenting
  • Natural remedies
  • Preparedness

Look right there in the middle - can you see it? Can you tell I'm a bit excited?

The 2018 Back to Basics Living Bundle also covers topics such as breadmaking and how to make homemade butters, gouda cheese making, canning and preserving, chickens and bees, devotionals, homeschooling, using herbs, living off-grid and so much more. You can see the whole list here (affiliate link) (scroll down the page a bit).

To read more about the bundle sale which ends on January 23rd, click here. (affiliate link)

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.


My hope is to inspire you, and to encourage your homesteading plans and your dreams of a simple, self-reliant, God-dependent life. You can follow me at:

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  1. I'm excited too Kathi! It really is an amazing deal... it seems like it'd be too good to be true!


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