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January 11, 2007

First kids of the year

The goat kids arrived before the winter storm after all. Around 3:00 am on Wednesday, January 10th, Joy delivered twin bucklings – with help. Ten hours earlier we’d found her in labor and unable to stand up. R carried her into the kidding pen in the “barn” and I kept watch.

After this long and difficult labor, Joy didn’t want to stand up. In the afternoon K and I got her on her feet and she was able to stand and take a step or two. Getting up seemed to be the hard part. We continued getting her up every couple of hours throughout the day, and in the evening she got up on her own with great effort. In the middle of the night I helped her up again, but this morning she met me at the door of her pen! She is up and walking pretty well, considering.

We lost the first of the twins, the one that had been stuck. It wasn’t unexpected. The second is doing well. We are feeding him warmed-up frozen colostrum and encouraging him to nurse from Joy. She isn’t sure she likes that idea, but he is a persistent baby and I am hopeful that she will raise him, not me.

Tentatively, his name is Danny. He is brown with white trim, frosted ears and nose. His dam is Oak Hill Homestead’s Joy; sire is Udder Farm’s Justice.

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