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February 25, 2007

The End of February

It's a little early in the year, but because our three-year-old granddaughter is visiting us, we set nearly three dozen eggs in the incubator. They are due to begin hatching this coming week. I am thrilled that only one egg was bad. Our rooster is young, the only son of the big, gorgeous buff orpington rooster that we lost in last summer's heat wave. "Junior" is maturing into a large fowl, just like his dad. As a cockerel, he brought home a blue ribbon from last year's county fair.

Yesterday was the Oklahoma City library's annual used book sale, a bibliophile's dream-come-true. In past years we've come home with boxes full of books, but this year we held ourselves in check and kept our new finds under a dozen. Half of those are for our visiting granddaughter.

While we were in the City, the winds came up. Blowing dust looked like smoke and reminded us that last year at this time most of Oklahoma was burning. By nightfall we'd lost a fourth of the shingles on the goat shed roof and had a gate blow over. Today will be spent picking up the trash that is now scattered across forty acres.

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