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February 28, 2007


Our just-turned-three-years-old granddaughter is entranced by the hatching eggs in the incubator. For many hours we had only one chick. GD said that the chick needed to find his brother, who was hiding in an egg. Last evening she told me happily that "he found his brother!" This morning I'm told that the two brothers now have two sisters.

I find it funny that when we are outside she still says "oh look, a cat!" You'd think she'd be used to them after being here for a week and a half; we have 20 cats so they are not that unusual.

Our big black dog is named Reese, but she calls him More-Reese. It took me a few days to realize she is saying Maurice (the father's name in the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast").

This morning she told me she heard a rooster outside. Last year she called them cockadoodles.

Her favorite candy (a rare treat) is Eminees (M&M's).

Light switches too high up? No problem. She uses the rigid hose attachment to the vacuum cleaner! It's just the right length to turn on the switch, and to turn it off as well. Between the two operations, she returns the plastic pipe to its spot on the vacuum. I wish I had that much energy!

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