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April 1, 2007

Along the Creek

Yesterday K and I took a walk, exploring the ravine on our property so that we could take some photos. After the record rainfall on Thursday and Friday, I knew that the seasonal creek would be running.

The water has worn out a deep hole in the rock, and drips down it after a rain. It is so peaceful and musical, and is one of my favorite spots. We climbed down into the ravine; the top is way above our heads. K pointed out poison ivy. She was unhappy about all the scrambling that needed to be done, and rather than climb back up, she suggested that we follow the other creek bed up out of the ravine. The two streams meet just down from the waterfall.

So we carefully followed the stream bed, stepping from rock to rock and occasionally slipping on the moss. Eventually we were stopped by huge concrete boulders and had to climb up out of the ravine, but it was a very pretty excursion. It’s amazing that we have such a wild area; I’ve gone to state parks to see scenery like this.

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