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May 24, 2007

Thursday catch-up

It's pouring out there. We've had a couple of weeks with dry weather, and a little rain is welcome. The children gave me a rain gauge for Mother's Day and our son installed it on the deck railing, so now we will know exactly how much we've gotten.

I was outside very early this morning so that I could rake up the last of the clover hay before it got wet. The goats love it when it's crispy-crunchy. It was just about perfect last night and I managed to get most of it under cover, but this morning the humidity had softened it up a bit again. Maybe it will dry out again now that it's in storage.

Jill the goose got up off her nest yesterday and took a walk around the barnyard, accompanied by Sir Francis, the drake. I thought she had given up on her egg but after an hour or so she was back on her nest. It was cute to watch the two of them waddle around, with the duck talking constantly to her as though he was showing her what had changed since she had been "gone".

I've finally managed to get the tomato seedlings planted in containers. Today's rain might swamp them.

I'm off to work on the day's projects.

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