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June 4, 2007

Morning milking

How are your five senses dealing with life? This is the question posed today on I Have to Say. I thought I'd post about the morning milking, so here goes:

What I see - the brown flanks of the goat in front of me, either Dream or Joy - the cats as they wait for their bowl of warm goat milk - milk frothing up in the bucket

What I hear - a cacophony of sound! Until I actually start milking (which is the last thing I do in the morning so that I can take the milk immediately into the house), I hear roosters crowing, goats maa-ing as they wait impatiently for their breakfast, the puppy barking shrilly, and more. But once we settle down to the routine it quiets down, and I hear the goats and horses munching, milk squirting into the stainless steel bucket, kittens mewing when their mom leaves their cozy little nest, a hen clucking contentedly

What I feel - the hard wooden milkstand I'm sitting on, the constant Oklahoma breeze, and, well, the goat! It's obviously going to be a hot day.

What I smell - the sweet smell of alfalfa hay, dust

What I taste - toothpaste - hey, I'm not eating bon-bons and drinking tea out here! :-)

What I'm thinking - I am so thankful to be able to live in the country, with animal sounds instead of cars whizzing down the street. I'm thinking about hubby's plans for us on his day off, about the phone calls that I must remember to make, my dentist appointment tomorrow... I'm tired of flies...


  1. Wow, a real farm! How awesome. I love fresh goat cheese from our farmer's market, do you ever make it?

  2. Great post! I can almost smell the hay.

    Congratulations on the graduation of your son, this is a very big step in both of your lives!

  3. I loved reading about your morning on the farm. It must be a very rewarding lifestyle!

  4. What a wonderful post! Well written-I enjoyed reading it.

  5. What a wonderful list; it paints a real picture of country-farm living. I also noticed the post further down on your son graduating. Congratulations to you both! My eldest graduates (home education) next year ~ bittersweet! :o)

  6. These were good. The thought of the fresh-smelling hay is a nice thought.

  7. Beetsnow!12:04 PM

    I love this blog!


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