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October 18, 2007

Double Agent

We've long suspected that Winston lives a double life.

A few months ago he showed up in our yard - another stray cat. Another grey tabby and white male stray cat - he's the third. He appeared not too long after Chris disappeared. I first saw him sitting on a fallen tree trunk near the back door. In fact, I thought he was Chris, but when he turned his head to look at me I realized the facial markings were different. Chris would have come when I called, this one ran.

As time went by he became more friendly. He would appear during our morning chores, hoping to be fed. Eventually he was here at evening chore time too. We'd chase the chickens away so that he could have breakfast and dinner without competition. Finally we were able to pet him, and today K was able to pick him up and hold him for a few minutes. Some days he doesn't show up for breakfast, or for dinner, and sometimes he's gone for as long as two days.

Yesterday we drove down the road and as we passed the abandoned, windowless house half a mile away, I saw a grey tabby and white cat romp through the overgrown yard. "Is that Winston?" I asked K. We slowed down a bit, and postively identified him. Yep, he's living a double life, probably hanging out at one of the two occupied homes at that end of the road.

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