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October 26, 2007

First Frost

This morning we woke up to frost on the ground.

Last night I covered the one remaining tomato plant on the deck, and the pots of bachelor's buttons and basil. The basil is a volunteer from last year's potted plants.

I'd also recently discovered another volunteer basil plant in the yard, growing along the fence near where the potted plants were last year. All summer I'd just thought it was a weed, until I noticed the seed pods that were forming and realized what it truly was. Since I couldn't cover that one, I pulled the plant up and stripped the leaves to dry. In doing so I realized it's lemon basil rather than sweet basil. The leaves are in a basket and as long as I remember to stir them regularly, they should dry well and then I'll refill the jar of dried basil that I used up just last week.

Now I wish that I'd left the label on the jar. Wouldn't bottles of dried herbs in a basket make a great Christmas gift for someone?

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