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October 5, 2007


Autumn is my favorite season. True, I miss the fall colors that are so brilliant up north, but there is more to fall than colorful leaves. Last year even here in Oklahoma, the trees were so beautiful in shades of bright orange and yellow, but this year I think they will just turn brown. Already the leaves are beginning to fall in the stronger autumn breeze, and the cats chase the leaves as they skitter across the barnyard.

When I'm outside I hear walnuts fall from the trees, hit the tin roof of the "barn" with a bang and roll noisily down to the edge. Usually they fall into the old rain gutter, which I guess we should clean out. We have a bumper crop of walnuts this year. Last week I realized the goats were eating them - crunching the shells and eating them. ::shudder:: I closed them out of the pen where the nuts are falling, and began picking them up, and that's when I realized how many there are this year and how nice they are in comparison with the past two years that we've lived here. I'm harvesting about a bucketful nearly every day.

Most of Oklahoma's apple crop was hit by a late frost in the spring. Our trees are still babies, but several of them did produce a few fruits this year. One tree had five big, beautiful apples on it. I watched from the kitchen window as they changed from green to red to deep dark red, and then I watched as they began disappearing. Hmm. When there were only two left I decided I'd pick them, whether they were quite ready or not. We had a tasty apple crisp for dessert that night. I think the dog pulled the others off and ate them. The two that were left were too high for her to reach. We had an excellent harvest from our plum tree and a dozen peaches from each of the two trees that we planted this spring. The wild persimmon trees are bursting with fruit. The garden, which was just a few containers on the deck, was a bust. Too much rain this year.

The days are much shorter too. We've hit the time of year when I should be doing the evening chores at the same time that I should be making dinner. It's hard to be two places at the same time. I try to have dinner ready just as Hubby walks in the door after work, and I usually finish feeding in the dark.

Preparations need to be made for the upcoming winter. I'm making my to-do list today.

When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
(Proverbs 31:21, NIV)

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