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November 15, 2007

Remembering Star

Northstar's Shooting Star
March 21, 1995 - November 10, 2007

Star was born with a heart problem. Our vet told us she would have a very short life. Her littermates sold quickly, as our kittens always did, but I wouldn't even give her away with such a defect. I named her Shooting Star because I expected her to go through life quickly but brilliantly.

Dr. George called in his entire team to assist him when Star was spayed. We'd weighed the options: the stress of surgery vs the stress of coming into heat. She came through with flying colors. I've always been grateful to him for his concern for Star's well-being. She didn't care much for sitting on laps, but she loved to be petted and told how beautiful she was, especially that tail!

Star moved with us from Illinois to Wyoming to Michigan to Indiana to Michigan (again) and to Oklahoma. We often joked about her age. Each new vet listened to her heart and looked at us in horror. Yes, we knew.

When we stopped breeding Maine Coons, we kept Star, her mother Mouse, and Marble. Mouse passed away four years ago, and Marble two years ago. Star outlived them all.

We came home Saturday and found her dead. Poor kitty. I wish I'd been here to say goodbye.

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