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December 27, 2007

Games, Pastimes, and Can You Believe It?

While the "kids" were here we played games - Uno, Yahtzee, cards, pretend Ry is a princess, pretend Ry is a puppy, count the kittens outside, and more. I keep a big basket of card games, travel-type games and decks of cards handy in case we want to play - though we don't much. During Oklahoma's recent ice storm more than 2/3's of the state was without power for several days. What would you do when the power goes out and stays out?

Here's one thought: Make A Cow. ~smile~ Of course, you'd have to print it up before the power went out. You could also print up a few coloring pages from the internet and have colored pencils and crayons or markers on hand. How about blowing bubbles? (Try this sometime when the outside temperature is below zero!) Or making play-dough? This is my favorite recipe, although I add a packet of unsweetened Kool Aid instead of the food coloring - it adds both color and "smell".

While looking at the Make-A-Cow webpage, I was appalled to read that several states are planning to ban the labeling of dairy products as rBGH-free. It will be illegal to state that a product does NOT have Bovine Growth Hormone! Can you believe such a thing?? I believe people deserve to know what is in their food. To learn more, go here and here. To make your voice heard, visit this page.

Till next time...

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