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December 7, 2007


Surprises can be fun, but sometimes they are not. Here is a mixture of both.

First, two of the horses got out of the pasture and into the hayfield. That might not be a big deal except that the hayfield isn't fenced all the way around. Sheik wasn't happy about being caught either. Bella behaved much better, and he followed her back as I led her through the gate and into the pasture.

Second, I found a pile of buff-colored feathers and no rooster. Our dog's favorite snack seems to be poultry, unfortunately. I found the one-and-only free-range hen, sans rooster, so I assumed he'd been breakfast. However, the blown-over trash can started wiggling and Buster stumbled out of it, minus a lot of feathers. (Buster is named after the dummy on MythBusters. Ok, so I named a couple of the chickens.)

Third, the next morning I found another pile of buff-colored feathers and no rooster. He wasn't hiding in the trash can this time and I feared he was really gone. But, surprise, we found him in the evening lurking around one of the sheds, with a naked back. I caught him and the old hen and put them in the empty dog kennel for the night. This hen is over six years old, which is really old for a hen, and she still lays an egg almost every day except, like now, when she's molting. (Yes, she has a name too: Chickmunk.)

Till next time...

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