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January 28, 2008

One more time

Buster tried to commit suicide again yesterday. You can read about his earlier attempts here.

This time he tried a new method. There's a spot in the kid pen where the field fencing and chicken wire goes around a tree, with another wrap of field fencing behind the tree. Basically, the tree is wrapped in field fencing, but in an "eye" sort of shape instead of a circle, if that makes sense.

Evidently, the dog must have chased him around and he ducked through the fencing to get away from her. He then found himself trapped in this little tiny area and unable to get back out. I might have said before that Buster isn't the brightest of birds.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't seen him for a day or two. Later in the day I saw his one hen sunning herself in the dust, and then I spotted him behind her and was relieved. I looked for him again later and found him in the same place, and decided to go investigate. Sure enough, he was trapped. He might have even been there for a day or two, I'm sorry to say. I pulled the wire around and pushed him from behind but to no avail - he wasn't able to get out. I finally reached down from the top, stretched my arm all the way down underneath him, grabbed his legs, and hauled him out. It's a good thing he's such a mellow rooster and tolerates being handled so well. I carried him upside down to a safe place and set him down carefully so he could get his bearings, and he ran off. For the rest of the day he was busy scratching in the dirt and cock-a-doodling.

How many lives does this rooster have? Plenty more, I hope. He's quite a pet.

Actually, I'm glad that Buster pointed out this potentially dangerous place to me before a goat kid found it and met a tragic end. Thank you, Buster. I will be fixing this tomorrow.

Till next time...

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