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January 8, 2008

Tornadoes in January?

I first heard thunder about 9 pm, and it got worse from there. Thunder, lightning, hail and wind pounded us for awhile, and our power went off several times. KFOR's David Paine broke into our TV shows repeatedly with updates of storm warnings and possible tornadoes - one of which was headed in our direction. In fact, its predicted path was right over us, and after that report we lost our satellite TV signal. I pulled down the battery TV but couldn't get the channel to come in, so I tried our son's antenna-only TV, but again couldn't find the channel with the rabbit ears. Oh well, I thought, "what will be, will be". Fortunately, nothing happened. I do need to learn how to use the battery-powered TV though.

National Weather Service reported 35 tornadoes from Arkansas to Wisconsin last night. I'm praying for all who were in the path of the storms.

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