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February 1, 2008

Feed the Birds

Since 1999, our family has participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. We've lived in four different homes during that time and have enjoyed the variety of birds from place to place. This year's count will be held February 15-18. Join in!

February is National Bird Feeding Month. This morning I read the following information at Wild Bird Centers of America:
- A typical backyard bird doesn't weigh as much as two nickels.
- Birds spend most of their waking hours searching for food -- without the help of "hands" and "fingers".
- They may consume 15% of their body weight overnight just keeping warm enough to survive.
- Like mail carriers, they're outside in sleet, snow, wind and cold.

Today I'm going to clean up my birdfeeder and look for the finch sock. Both were gifts from my children last Mother's Day. I'm also going to make some Bird Pudding today (see the recipe below). I have several cans of grease in the refrigerator and have been wondering what to do with it; this will be perfect. I'll add some peanut butter to the pudding too.

I think I also have a suet cage somewhere, and one last suet cake in the bottom of the freezer. I'm on a quest today!

Here are a few more links, just for fun, as well as the recipe for Bird Pudding:

Cute milk carton birdfeeder to make (can you find wax milk cartons anymore?)

Bird feeders to make with children

Make "bird pudding" with this recipe from Green Living:
Materials: One pound lard (or leftover cooking fat), one cup hot water, two cups oatmeal, one cup flour, four cups wild birdseed, large pan, mixing spoons.

Procedure: Soften the lard or fat over warm heat in the large pan. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Bird pudding can be slathered into any kind of container-type feeder.
I'll take pictures this afternoon, when I've found everything - I hope.

Till next time...

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