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February 20, 2008

Goat Coats

I just went outside to check on Pansy, and on our due-to-whelp-at-any-time dog. It's 8:15 pm, and the temperature has really plummeted. It's too cloudy to view the total lunar eclipse tonight.

Knowing that it would be cold tonight, and hating to use heat lamps for fear of a barn fire, I spent today making a "goat coat" for little Pansy. One of the advantages of being a packrat is that I tend to have various assorted "things" on hand to use for whatever project needs to be done -- of course, the disadvantage is that there is no storage space in our house so the clutter drives me mad. Anyway, I had a blanket to use, and some flannel, and one of R's work shirts that he'd torn. I made a rough pattern and took it outside to fit to the four-day-old kid.

Back inside, I cut three pieces - one from blue flannel, one from the blanket, and one from the back of the lightweight denim work shirt. I sandwiched all three together, sewed a few "quilting" lines to hold it all together, and sewed bias tape around the edges. It's rather a rough job - I haven't sewn for awhile as my sewing machine is packed up and it's so much trouble to get it out to use. But it will serve the purpose.

I sewed elastic on the back corners to hold the blanket on her legs, and used a safety pin at the chest, which makes it ultra-adjustable. She looks so adorable.

In my "stash" I had some cute pink flannel with a dark pink rosebud print. This piece has been around for awhile - it had a price tag pinned on from TG&Y for $1.53. Are you old enough to remember TG&Y, the dime store? I probably bought this when my two oldest daughters were babies. I cut two "coat" pieces from this and sewed them, right sides together, with an opening in one side to turn it right-side-out. Then I ironed it flat and top-stitched along the edges. I added the elastic to the back corners as before, and now Pansy has two coats, one for cold weather and another for really cold weather. I'll need to make more as we are expecting more kids in a few weeks.

Five years later, I've changed the way I make kid coats: How to Make No-Sew Kid Coats.


  1. Love the baby in the coat! Baby goats are the sweetest creatures. Even when they are naughty they are charming!

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog and just love it! I love your goat coats too - they look like mini horse blankets, haha. While I do sew some, I'm more of a yarn-addict now and I'm working on my first "kid-sweater". I've also heard that using a size 2T toddler turtle neck works too! It's good to see that some homesteads are still kicking in this economy as several that I've followed have sold everything for the "simpler" (so they seem to think) city life.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    i love this a great idea i have a lot of goats and need some coats for them and this is and awesome idea thanks!


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