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February 26, 2008


Susie had her puppies today!

I was pretty sure she was close, so last night I put her in a stall. I didn't sleep well and finally dozed from 6 am to about 7:00. During that time I had the craziest dream - she'd had 16 puppies, some white, some pink, one white with a big pink rose on it (like a printed fabric), another white one with small pink rosebuds, and another that was brown with white feet and a round patch of blue plaid on its back! I must have been thinking about the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat or something.

When I woke up I rushed out to see those puppies, but they hadn't yet arrived. Susie was digging a big hole under the stall gate, so I let her out. Three hours later when I went out to check on her, I could not find her. I searched every shed on the place, the garage, under the trailers, and was quite frantic. I knew she'd had them somewhere, but it was very cold and very windy and I was worried. Please give me Your eyes to see with, O Lord. Instead He gave me His ears. I heard her growl at a cat, and found her under the shed we are tearing down. There were 3-4 puppies.

She buried her breakfast that I pushed under there for her.

We're pretty sure there are four. Three are white and one is white with a black head and a big black body spot. There might be a fifth underneath the others, but we are not sure yet. I guess they are kind of boring compared to my dream. ~smile~

Till next time...

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