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March 14, 2008


When spring hits Oklahoma, it really hits! It's 78* out there today and our nighttime lows haven't hit freezing in nearly a week. From here on out it will warm up fast. I've waited a bit too long to plant my cold-weather crops in the fenced garden but I have to move lots of compost in there to plant in and haven't managed that yet.

We'll still have a freeze or two or three - hopefully not at the crucial time when the fruit trees are blooming - but I think it's safe to say that winter is pretty much over.

I drove into town the other day and saw daffodils blooming. We live up in "the hills" and it takes a full week longer for things to bloom up here.

My goal today was to get a few "gardening" things done. I moved the cedar waterwheel that R had made for me several years ago to the back deck. Since moving here, it's been setting next to the barn in three pieces. I like the height of it on the deck, and as well as being decorative its shadow will help some plants that can't survive in the summer sun. It used to work, water running out the spout and down the wheel, but I don't intend to try that. I will instead put a potted plant in the spout's "tray".

Next I planted the rosemary bush that a friend gave me Wednesday. I'd had it in water in the kitchen; it was too big to keep in the house for long. I've killed every rosemary bush I've ever tried to grow - 3 of them. Hopefully this one will make it. It's supposed to be EASY to grow. I love the scent of rosemary; it brings back memories of my grandmother's place in the California desert where it must have grown wild.

Finally I played in the dirt in my deck container garden a bit. I'll get herbs planted in them soon, but I've run out of time today. I filled the birdbath, which no bird will ever use again because the cats have discovered the deck, but it looks pretty, and the cats drink out of it.

Till next time...

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