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April 5, 2008


As I walked past the laundry room yesterday I heard a strange noise outside, a buzzing almost like the sound of cicadas in summer. Since it is April I knew that wasn't it. I opened the back door and stuck my head out. The cats that hang out on the back deck charged the open door. I finally found the source of the loud "buzzing" - a huge flock of grackles, a kind of blackbird to those of you that aren't familiar with them. This time of year we see black clouds of them in the sky, wheeling and turning and landing, as they return from the south for spring. They had all landed in our trees behind the house; there were so many of them that the leafless trees didn't look bare at all. What a huge number of them - hundreds!

I wished I had the camera, but they flew out of our trees and across the road where they perched in the woods again and chattered loudly at each other, no doubt regaling their friends with the details of their southern vacations. I went out to water the goats and check on the pups and to bottlefeed the goat kid, and saw them again in several trees behind the goat pen, then in the big oaks bordering the garden.

It must be spring, the grackles are back!

Till next time...

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  1. The funny thing is I don't notice grackles here as much as I did in Texas. Here they are just a sign of the seasons and don't cause a lot of problems. They seemed much more annoying there. They would be continually in the parking lots and such. I still remember the headlines in the Fort Worth Star Telegram "The Grackle Debacle" over the problem they were causing in the Fort Worth Water Gardens.


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